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Effective home staging, especially for vacant or outdated properties, is crucial in today's competitive real estate market. To gain a competitive advantage, a property must not only be appropriately priced but also visually superior to its competition. Achieving this superiority involves the strategic use of home staging and high-quality photography. Home staging is a method of decorating that employs design and conceptualization techniques to enable potential buyers to envision the property as their own. It not only highlights a home's most appealing features but also provides buyers with a clear understanding of the property's layout, room sizes, and potential uses. The ultimate goal of staging is to create a space that emotionally resonates with buyers, leading to quicker sales and higher selling prices.


While home staging is often considered optional, it should be regarded as a necessity. When dealing with a significant financial transaction like selling a home, sellers should aim to maximize their sale price and minimize the time their property spends on the market. Ignoring the psychological impact of visual presentation can be one of the costliest mistakes made by both home sellers and some real estate agents. Potential buyers form an initial interest in a property when they see it online or visit it in person and think, "I can picture myself living here." They start to see the property as their potential home.


Our team, drawing from years of experience working with buyers and sellers, recognizes the vital role of home staging. However, we also understand that many clients may be hesitant to invest substantial sums in professional staging services. To address this concern, we have made a unique commitment to our clients by offering FREE Staging and Editing Services. We have acquired furniture and accessories to use for staging clients' homes at no cost. This approach has consistently resulted in faster sales and higher selling prices for our clients, compared to similar properties in the market. We are eager to assist you in LISTING, STAGING, and SELLING your house successfully!

According to Realtors®. Agents surveyed, typically 10% of buyers believe homes should look the way they appear on TV shows. 68% of Realtors® reported that buyers were disappointed by how homes appeared compared to those seen on TV shows. As a result, our team decided to provide FREE Staging and Editing Service for our clients...which has equated to more money in our sellers' pockets at closing.  We have helped numerous clients sell their homes quicker and for a higher price than comparable properties. The National Association of Realtors Surveyed their members & released these findings on Home Staging.


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Raegen Johnson Group Staged Home Sales Highlights:

  • Staged homes that RJG listed sold on average for 98% of list price or higher

  • On average homes listed that were staged were on the market 22 days less than similar priced homes

  • On average the price per square foot for sold staged homes was 97% of average sold price per square foot for properties within the same zip code.

  • Most stagers charge $300 to $600 for initial design consultation and $500 to $600 per room staged per month. Most professional home Stagers also require a 3 month minimum contract, even if you sell the home in 24 hours. That could bring your final bill to $4,800 or more.


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