A Letter to Our Clients During this Difficult Time

Dear Friends, Raegen and I are thinking about you and would like to send you all the love and support you need during this challenging time. The global COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting our lives, creating a lot of uncertainty, negatively impacting people's livelihood and threatening lives. Raegen and I have always embraced the communities we work and live in as well as our client community. We believe in the importance of working together towards a common goal. Today we face this unprecedented challenge with an unbeatable spirit knowing that by working together we will minimize its effect. To our clients past and present … we will remain committed to assisting you, your family and friends w

AZ Housing Market...Changing Quickly

In the first few days of last week there was little sign of the pandemic having an effect of the housing market. However, March 19, 20, & 21 (Thursday, Friday and especially, Saturday), has given us much more to chew on. There are a number of effects happening at the same time, all of which combine to create a sharp slow down in demand an increase in supply. The effects differ by geography and price range. Active listings without a contract across all areas & types stood at 12,086 on Saturday - up 9% from a week earlier. This is a sudden change from the previous week when counts were close to flat week on week. This is due to a couple of large effects and one small one: a significant increas

Coronavirus Impact on AZ Housing Market

The Cromford Report has said that we should see some effects of the pandemic on our housing market very soon and yesterday they saw the first small signs of a change in the market. Some sellers have started to take their homes off the market to avoid the risk of having potential buyers in their home. The total number of listings in Temporarily Off Market status (TOM) is 1,127 with 10,992 active with no contract and 5,077 active with UCB or CCBS status. The TOM count was 1,065 a week ago so we have seen an increase of 5.8% over 7 days. Not huge yet but if this trend continues at this pace we will start to see a significant drop in available supply. The ratio of actives (excluding UCB and CCBS

Real Estate Market Update March 14, 2020

Real Estate Market Update March 14, 2020 During times like this, Sarah and I are here to help in whatever way we can...help bring food to someone, medication, etc...please PM us if there is someone who is in need of help! We all need to take our part in this world to help each other during times of crisis! Our prayers go out to the immune compromised, nurses and doctors on the front lines and our prayers that this will pass and be contained quickly. 🙏 We have been getting a lot of comments from our clients and friends on the real estate market and wanted to share some insight from the Cromford Report on the current Phoenix Real Estate Market Outlook: We have all learned a lot about the nove

Corona Virus and Housing Market

With everybody talking about the corona virus, we have been asked what effect it will have on the housing market. The honest answer is that we do not know and as you already know, we are not in the business of speculating. We deal with the interpretation of known facts and we currently know very little about the course of the covid-19 viral infection wave. The facts we can refer to concern past pandemics of a similar nature. These include 1918 - The Spanish Flu (H1N1) - killed between 20 million and 100 million people of all ages (figures are very imprecise) 1957 - The Asian Flu (H2N2) - killed about 2 million people, the majority elderly 1968 - Hong Kong Flu (H3N2) - killed over 1 million p

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