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A question we are commonly asked, ”When is a good time to sell our home here in the valley?” In other parts of the country it is typically spring and summer. With the budding of trees and the buzzing of bees, the market begins to bloom…. especially for families who wish to get settled in their new home before school starts in the fall. In the valley it is a bit different….

January: With the holidays done and snowbirds returning to the valley for winter, the market starts to pick up, particularly in areas that attract retirees like Fountain Hills, Sun City and 55 plus communities.

February, March and April: With multiple big events around the valley, retirees and visitors begin circling in droves. Sales tend to pick up as our wonderful weather lures in those who would rather be here in the sun than the snow or rain in other parts of the country.

May: Snowbirds take flight back to their hometowns, but a new group of buyers enter the market…those relocating for business with families and need to get settled before school starts in August. With one group exiting and another arriving, sales typically remain strong; however, it shifts from retirement communities to family homes.

June and July: With school in the valley just getting out, locals are now scrambling to get their next address secured before the school year starts.

August, September and October: Activity gradually slows. Kids are back in school, snowbirds are back in their hometowns, and it is too HOT here to go out and look at houses. By this time the inventory has been pretty well picked over and most sellers are waiting until after the holidays to put their homes on the market.

November and December: There are some opportunities here as visitors come for the holidays and become smitten with our wonderful weather. Yet more often than not, these folks aren’t looking to purchase now, but instead after the first of the year.

Although these are typically trends…no two years are the same. The economy, interest rates and many other factors impact homes sales. If you are interested in selling and wish to know when a good time might be…give us a call. We would be happy to discuss pricing, inventory and sales activity in your neighborhood.

Raegen Johnsong 602.330.5362

Sarah Herr 602.499.3175


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