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Keeping your life organized means keeping your things in their proper places. Organized people keep order by storing things properly and by labeling storage spaces. Make easy-to-access storage spaces for things you use all the time, and don’t let your storage spaces get cluttered. Being organized not only saves you time, but money. To get started, let’s look at organizing your refrigerator.

  1. LIKE WITH LIKE…A good rule of thumb: Group similar items together. Designate a shelf for beverages or a spot where all dairy products should be stored to make them easy to find.

  2. PREP SPACE…Once a week, cut up fresh produce to have on hand for snacks and mealtime. Stash it at eye level in stackable, clear airtight containers, then grab and go. Storing this way will help save time as well as keep produce fresh.

  3. INSTANT ORDER…Reduce shelf clutter (and avoid losing items in the back of the fridge) by using acrylic bins to corral awkward-shaped packages, like yogurt, pouches or deli meat.

  4. FLEXIBLE LABELS…Make the contents easy to identify at a glance by labeling bins with chalk makers.

  5. DOOR DESIGN…The storage space on the door should be used to stash condiments and sauces. That frees up shelf space, which stays cooler, for more perishable items.

A place for everything, Everything in its place-Benjamin Franklin

Organize This. Real Simple, August 2017

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